Washington Township - 1779
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13013 Welty Rd, Waynesboro, PA 17268

Phone: (717) 762-3128

Fax: (717) 788-0372

Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 4:30 pm


Resolutions 601 – 700

Resolution 700 Barr Road Stream Crossing
Resolution 699 Approving the Purchase of a Box Culvert
Resolution 698 Authorizing and Submitting Traffic Signal Approval
Resolution 697 Authorizing MTF Program
Resolution 696 GTRP Agreement
Resolution 695 Dedication of Spring Valley Estates
Resolution 694 Updating WASH TWP Police Rules and Regulations
Resolution 693 Commitment to Monterey Pass Battlefield Commitment-Filing an Application
Resolution 692 North Landis Avenue and Blue Rock Road 2-7-19
Resolution 691 Eliminating Member Contributions to the Police Pension Fund For Year 2019 Resolution 690 Identity Theft Prevention Program Resolution 689 Employee Benefit Policy for the Township Resolution 688 Revised Schedule of Fees for the Administration of Zoning-Subdivisions-
Well Construction and Building Codes Resolution 687 Fixing the Rate of Taxation upon Real Property within the Township Resolution 686 Fixing the Salary of Township Manager Resolution 685 Franklin County 2019 Hazard Mitigation Plan Resolution 684 Washington Township Boulevard_Resolution to apply_PennDOT
MTF_10.15.18 Meeting Resolution 683 Amending the 2009 Joint Comprehension Plan of the Borough of
Waynesboro and the Township of Washington Resolution 682   R Knepper Deed of Dedication
Resolution 681   Transfer of Alcohol License from Highline Coffee House and Cafe LLC. to
Inc Resolution 680   Apply for GTRP Resolution 679   May 2018 Proclamation for Motor Cycle Safety Resolution 678   Rules and Regulations for Happel's Meadow Wetlands Resolution 677   Rules and Regulations for Baileys Run Recreation Resolution 676   Rules and Regulations for Antietam Meadow Park Resolution 675   Rules and Regulations for Red Run Park and Such Other Parks Resolution 674   Rules and Regulations for Rouzerville Community Center Resolution 673   Rules and Regulations for Rolando Woods Resolution 672   Authorizing Signatures on the 2018 Highway Safety DUI Grant Resolution 671   Authorizing Execution of Membership Agreement with NJPA Resolution 670   Dedication-Certain-Lands-Offered-For-Use-as-Roadways-in-the-Township Resolution 669   Fred-Eisenhart-WTMA-Service Resolution 668   Dean-Hebb Resolution 667   Eliminating Member Contributions to the Police Pension Fund-2018 Resolution 666   Identity Theft Program Resolution 665   Employee Benefit Policy Resolution 664   Revised Schedule of Fees for the Admin. of Zoning, Subdivisions, Well                                  Construction, and Building Code Resolution 663   Fixing the Rate of Real Property Within the Township Resolution 662   Fixing the Salary of the Township Manager Resolution 661   Adoption of 2014 Hazard Mitigation Plan Resolution 660   Authorizing Township Manager-Traffic Signal Approval Resolution 659   Updated Transportation Capital Improvement Plan Resolution 658   Author. Signatures on the 2017 Greenlight Go Traffic Signal Agreement Resolution 657   Updated Established Emergency Operations Plan Resolution 656   Amending the Schedule of Fees for Year 2017 Resolution 655   Authorization to Apply for Multimodal Transportation Funding Resolution 654   Rules & Regs for Conduct in Use of Red Run Park Resolution 653   Acknowledging Years of Service-Michael A. Christopher Resolution 652   Appointing A New Township Manager Resolution 651   Appointing New Township Trustees Resolution 650   Acknowledging the years of Service-William A Conrad Resolution 649   Rules & Regs for conduct to Use Rouzerville C.C Resolution 648   Authorizing Signatures Resolution 647   Appointing a New Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer Resolution 646   Eliminating Police Pension Contributions Resolution 645   Amending Employee Benefits Policy Resolution 644   Dedication of Certain Lands Offered for Use as Roadways in the Township Resolution 643   Authorizing Signatures for the PA Dept. of Transportation Agility Program Resolution 642   Appointing New Zoning Officer & Assistant Zoning Officer Resolution 641   Establish Rules & Regulations for Rolando Woods Park Resolution 640   Amending Schedule of Fees for Year 2017 Resolution 639   Recognizing the Outstanding Leadership & Comm. Service of Robert E.
Resolution 638   2017 Identity Theft Prevention Program Resolution 637   2017 Employee Benefit Policy Resolution 636   Est Revised Schedule of Fees for Zoning, Subdivision, Wells, Etc. Resolution 635   Rate of Taxation for Township 2017 Resolution 634   2017 Managers Salary Resolution 633   Dedication Of Certain Lands Offered For Use As Roadways In The
Resolution 632   Dedication Of Certain Lands Offered For Use As Roadways In The
Resolution 631   Authorization To Apply For Multimodal Transportation Funding Resolution 630   Right-To-Know Policy Updated Resolution 629   Catholic Diocese Rezoning Resolution 628   Dedication of Roads – Capri Court and Hunters Ridge Dr. Resolution 627   Auth. commence proceeding “Eminent Domain Code” for Ped. Path on WTB Resolution 626 Auth. Code Enforcement Off., Twshp. PD, Manager or Asst. Mngr. to declare                               “Nuisance in Fact.” Resolution 625   Ded. of Rds – Jacobs Church Rd. to Valley Ave. / WTB – WTB to
Country Club to
Roundabout to Old Forge Rd. / N. Welty Rd to Shelby to round-about Resolution 624   Authorize Signatures for 2015 Green Light-GO Program Grant Resolution 623   Amended Equipment Rates Resolution 622   Auth. Signature for 2017 Highway Safety DUI Grant Resolution 621   Appoint Michael Christopher, Trustee of Uniform & Non-Uniform Pension
Plans and
                              457 Deferred Comp Plan Resolution 620   Dedication of Roads - Jacobs Church Road Resolution 619   Designation of Agent for Jan. Snow 2016 Disaster Relief Emerg. Assist. Act Resolution 618   2016 Eliminate Member Contributions to Police Pension Fund Resolution 617   Identity Theft Prevention Resolution 616   2016 Employee Benefit Policy Resolution 615   2016 Fee Schedule Resolution 614   Rate of Taxation for 2016 Resolution 613   Manager’s Salary - 2016 Resolution 612   Authorize Township to apply for Multimodal Transportation Funding from
Resolution 611   Update Established Emergency Operations Plan Resolution 610   Establish Rules & Regulations of Monterey Pass Battlefield Resolution 609   Amend Rules & Regulations of Happel’s Meadow Wetlands Resolution 608   Amend Rules & Regulations of Bailey’s Run Recreation Area Resolution 607   Amend Rules & Regulations of Antietam Meadow Park Resolution 606   Amend Rules & Regulations of Pine Hill Recreation Area Resolution 605   Amend Rules & Regulations of Red Run Park Resolution 604   Amend Rules & Regulations of Sheffield Manor and Millwood Village
Resolution 603   Authorize signatures on Multimodal Reimbursement Agreement Resolution 602A Authorize signatures on PennDOT Winter Maintenance Agreement Resolution 601   Authorize application for Greenways, Trails & Recreation Program Grant