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9-11 Tribute

To view the Donor Wall of Honor – go to  9/11 Tribute Wall of Honor.

The 9-11 Tribute Committee invites your comments on the design concept and material. You may forward your comments or desires to the following email address: web@washtwp-franklin.org

The 9-11 Tribute Committee mission is to find the best way to display the 9-11 artifacts to honor the victims and provide a location where we will always remember what happened on 9-11. A subcommittee was formed to incorporate all the essential features into one design including but not limited to the model designs presented during the October 18, 2011 first committee meeting.

The design structure has a pentagon base. A laser cut and etching process will be used to create a blending of Pentagon, New York City and Shanksville skyline images. 

Plaques will be mounted on the interior side of all five support columns.

The structure has a central presentation of the Twin Towers, Pentagon and Shanksville artifacts. To display the three artifacts the I-beam centered with the Pentagon and Shanksville artifacts forward and flanking the I-beam.

The existing war memorial and cannon located in Rouzerville will be moved to the Site at Red Run Park. The path between the War Memorial and 9-11 Tribute is shaped with curves to allow visibility toward the 9-11 Tribute structure.