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Your starting point is at the Township office by submitting a Land Use permit application. The application can be filled out online, and then printed or emailed to cgr@washtwp-franklin.org. You can also come to our offices at 11798 Buchanan Trail East and get a physical copy from our lobby or front desk.

Inspections :

Commonwealth Code Inspection Service (CCIS) manages and conducts the township’s inspections. The township must follow Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code requirements on construction projects located in the township, which means a qualified building or construction code official must inspect plumbing, electrical, structural and mechanical aspects of your project. CCIS reviews plans and specifications prior to construction. CCIS or any Pennsylvania building codes inspector can conduct the required inspections during construction. Be sure to notify CCIS (717-264-9191) when you select another inspector to conduct your inspections.

CCIS inspector Earl Baer has set up office hours in the Washington Township Municipal Building every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30 am until 1:00 pm. Call for an appointment or stop in during those hours.

Proposed New Flood Insurance Rate Maps from FEMA

Washington Township has received a preliminary copy of the new Flood Insurance Rate Map for Washington Township from FEMA. The Township is currently welcoming feedback from the residents of the township as to any additions or revisions they would suggest. Click on the links below to view images of the current maps, which also show the additions and revisions to flood areas as proposed by the new maps, shown in RED.
Western Washington Township                   Eastern Washington Township

These are maps prepared by township staff. If you feel that your property will be affected by these changes, please feel free to contact Township Planner, Chad Reichard, at 762-3128 or stop by the office to view the more detailed maps as prepared by FEMA.

The Washington Township Supervisors approved Ordinances #254 and #255 which amended the text of the Zoning Code for the Township.

Complete copies of the two new ordinances can be read by clicking on the BLUE “Online Documents” tab (on the left) then “Ordinances”, then Ordinance Folder #251-300, then Ordinance #254 and Ordinance #255.

If you have any questions, please contact the Township Planner, Chad Reichard at 717-762-3128.