Washington Township - 1779
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13013 Welty Rd, Waynesboro, PA 17268

Phone: (717) 762-3128

Fax: (717) 788-0372

Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 4:30 pm



   12721 Buchanan Trail East, Waynesboro, PA 17268

(717) 762-4413

Monday – Saturday  8:00 a.m. and 4:15 p.m.

Recycling And Refuse Transfer Station
Guidelines for Recycling 

Household Recyclable Items accepted at NO CHARGE
Such as Magazines and Phonebooks 
Newspapers (inserts and brochures)
File Folders and Office Paper (all colors)
Mail and Greeting Cards (junk mail and envelopes)
Corrugated Cardboard (boxes, paper bags, beverage holders)
Paperboard Boxes and Cartons (cereal, pasta, and tissue, milk, 
                  juice and egg that DOES NOT have a plastic coating)
Plastic Containers (#1 - #7) (Wide Mouth, 6/12 pack plastic rings) 
Metal Cans (Aluminum, tin, steel, and completely empty aerosal cans) 


Scrap Metal (most types) and Leaves 
will be accepted at no charge at the Transfer Station

Plastic bags, glass mirrors, lightbulbs, dishes, Pyrex, ceramics, 
paper towels, facial tissue, styrofoam, PVC, recycables 
containing food waste, paints, oils, paints, oils, hazardous 
material, needles and syringes, VCR tapes, CDs/ DVDs, pots or pans

For a FEE the Transfer Station will also accept 
WHITE GOODS: refrigerators, freezers, and
                                 other FREON containing items.
YARD WASTE: brush and grass clippings.

For Further information or questions 
 Please see attendant at the scale house

 Apple Valley Recycling Center offers 
Recycling information at 


  • There will be a $0.50 per pound charge with a $15.00,
    (30lbs) minimum charge.  All electronic items will be weighed.
  • This program is available to anyone. It is not limited to Washington Township residents.
  • No limit on how many items are brought in at one time.
  • We will receive electronic items ONLY on Fridays and the FIRST SATURDAY of the month.
  • Any of the above conditions are subject to change if the program becomes too costly or if conditions change in the overall recycling environment or if our staff becomes overwhelmed with the processing.


As per the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the proper way to dispose of paint is as follows:

First, and foremost, if it is still USABLE, use it up or give it to someone who can – such as Habitat for Humanity. If the paint is old and cannot be used:

  • LATEX PAINT – remove lid and let contents dry out, the dried out material is then safe to be disposed of in the regular trash.
  • OIL-BASED PAINT –  remove lid, add clumping style cat litter to absorb and dry up the paint, the dried out material is then safe to be disposed of in the regular trash. 
  • LINK – Here is a link that you can go to access a brochure called “Green Painting Tips: Protect Your Environment While Painting your House.” to get tips on what to do with old paint and how to dispose of it also.  Click Here
Please contact the Franklin County Planning Commission with any additional questions.
Administrative Annex   
 218 North Second Street     
Chambersburg, PA  17201
Phone: (717) 261-3855  |  Fax: (717) 264-8667


  • Paint Thinners
  • Pesticides
  • Fluorescent Tubes/bulbs
  • Herbicides
  • Oil-Based Paint

PA DEP – HHW Hotline 800-346-4242


EARTH 911 – https://search.earth911.com for your use.

Why Recycle?

Washington Township, by ordinance, requires residents and businesses located in the Township to recycle.
Please also refer to, "Guidelines for Recycling Sheet" at the top of this page.

     The largest benefit of recycling is the overall reduction of refuse going to the landfills. If everyone recycled, the amount of waste going to our landfills would be drastically reduced, thereby reducing the need for more landfills or landfill expansions. Also, in theory, it would lower our cost because new landfill construction costs would not be passed on to the consumer.

Residential Recycling:
      The refuse haulers in Franklin County provide recycling as part of their regular service to you. 
If you have curbside pick-up, you are paying for recycling whether you use it or not. So why not use it?
Every two weeks, put your Recyclables out at the curb. Your hauler can provide a schedule of recycling 
pick-up dates and a list of recyclables that they take, if needed.
Business Recycling:
      Your haulers will provide a separate container for cardboard  In addition, office- paper, lunch room cans, 
plastic bottles and newspaper should be recycled. Most businesses have other materials that 
could be recycled outside of the required items. Do an inventory and determine what else could be recycled 
at your business.  In the long run, you may save money for your company by recycling or perhaps even 
generate an additional revenue source.  

Recycling Containers: 

For $14, Washington Township residents can obtain a recycling can at the township office at 
13013 Welty Road, Waynesboro, PA. Stop by during regular working hours, Monday through Friday 
from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Residents of other municipalities should call your municipal office and ask
if they have containers available. If a container is not available, contact your hauler and ask what 
container is acceptable for pickup and buy one at any retail outlet.  
Recycling Facility:
     The Washington Township Recycling Center, located at 
12725 Buchanan Trail East (Route 16, just east of Red Run Park) is available to all residents,
non-residents and businesses in the area. Cans, plastic bottles (#1 through #7), 
newspaper and cardboard can be recycled at the center at no charge.

The Washington Township Transfer Station
, 12721 Buchanan Trail East,
accepts tires, brush, and appliances for a fee. These items are then recycled.
Scrap metal and leaves are also accepted and recycled at no fee
Facilities are open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

You do not have to be a township resident to use these facilities.

They are available to everyone.

Recycling at our facility is open to the general public.

Recycling Guidelines:

The recycling workers at the center would like to request your cooperation with the materials being recy­cled by following these guidelines.

  • Please take the lids off of all plastic bottles, especially soda bottles.
  • Rinse out cans and bottles before recycling
  • Empty cans and bottles of leftover liquids and solids.
  • Syringes/ needles are NOT recyclable, even though they are made of plastic.
  • The following items are NOT being recycled and should be placed with the trash:                               Plastic bags, glass, mirrors, light bulbs, dishes, Pyrex, ceramics, paper towels, facial tissue, Styrofoam, PVC, recyclables containing food waste, paints, oils, hazardous materials, needles syringes, VCR tapes, CDs/DVDs, pots or pans
  • We DO NOT Recycle the following items: Lamps, Hair dryers, Fluorescent Lighting, Incandescent, Halogen, Mercury Vapor or HIDS, CD’s, DVD’s, Floppy Disks, Magnetic Tapes (VHS, Cassettes, DAT, LTO, etc), Household Batteries: Lithium Ion, NiCAD, NiHM, Alkaline Home Thermostats (containing Mercury)
  • Leaf Recycling – BURNING NOT PERMITTED:  Just a reminder that you may not burn leaves in Washington Township.  All leaves must be recycled and as a result, we offer the following alternate methods for you to dispose of your leaves: 
    1. Bag leaves in plastic bags or place them in the back of a truck as you have done for years and dispose of these leaves free of charge at the Washington Township Transfer Station located at 12721 Buchanan Trail East.  The station is open Monday through Saturday 8 am to 4:15 pm. This is still the best and most efficient option if you cannot mow or mulch the leaves back into your lawn.
    2. Mulch your leaves on your property using a mulch mower or other equipment. You can then use the mulch in your flowerbeds or garden to improve your soil quality.
    3. Bag leaves and find a friend or farmer to take the leaves for their garden
    4. Ask the neighbor if he/she has a garden and if they would like the leaves for their garden or flowerbeds.