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Septic Information

Please click here for a listing of the PA DEP Registered/Permitted
Septic Haulers as of January 2024.

Septic Tank Pumping Requirements for Property Owners 
In Washington Township

In accordance with the PA Department of Environmental Protection regulations, Washington Township residents must have their septic tanks pumped every three years by an APPROVED sewage hauler.

To comply with this regulation in the most efficient manner, Washington Township is divided into three separate districts – Eastern, Central and Western.  Each district has the three-year requirement, but only one district will be pumped each year.

Current Pumping Rotation:

  The Western portion of the Township must be pumped in 2025 and every third year thereafter.

      The Central portion of the Township must be pumped in 2026 and every third year thereafter.

       The Eastern portion of the Township must be pumped in 2024 and every third year thereafter.

Each pumping is good for THREE years with the districts rotating in turn each year.

Districts and Locations:

District #1 – Western Portion – Zullinger and Marsh Road area.

District #2 – Central Portion – located along PA Rt. 316 on the west to Old Forge/Midvale Road on the east, including Calimer Drive.

District #3 – Eastern Portion – from Old Forge Road/ Midvale Road east to the Adams County line including the Blue Ridge Summit and Pen Mar areas.

The Township Supervisors administrative offices will mail a reminder each year to the appropriate district property owners, along with a listing of approved haulers. Property owners must use an approved hauler to pump your septic tank.  These approved haulers have been registered with PA DEP and have met all requirements as outlined in Chapter 271-35 of the Code of the Township of Washington.

Once the tank has been pumped, the property owner OR the hauler must notify the Township administrative office of the date the tank was pumped and the name of the hauler that pumped the tank. It is recommended that you save your receipt from the hauler that shows the date of the pumping for your records.

If you have any questions, contact the Township Administrative Office at 717-762-3128.