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Antietam Meadow Park



Antietam Meadow Park located on North Welty Road

Stream Restoration and Fish Habitat Enhancement Project

Completed 10/7/08, Check back for more up to date photos

Washington Township and the Antietam Watershed Association are working together
to develop a master plan for Antietam Meadow Park, a 25-acre park located west of North Welty Road
along the East Branch of Antietam Creek in Washington Township. The Master Plan will provide a
blueprint for the future conservation and improvements to the park.

Antietam Meadow Park Tree Program

A goal of the Washington Township Supervisors and the Antietam Watershed Association is to renew and repair Antietam Meadow Park. One method toward accomplishing this goal is to plant trees native to our area of Pennsylvania.
Washington Township Supervisors, assisted by the Antietam Watershed Association, accept donations of native trees, or money for the purchase of native trees, for Antietam Meadow Park.

Since costs of trees vary with size, selection, and source, the attached agreement has been prepared for donors to read in advance of the donation.

It is planned that all trees planted in the park will be native to Pennsylvania.

It has been the unfortunate experience of Renfrew Park and Museum that identifying plaques tend to be misplaced. This has led to disappointment when people come to visit their tree and expect to see the plaque they ordered. Because of this experience, the Antietam Meadow Park Committee decided that there will be no plaques placed on or at the base of the trees.
Instead, a glass-enclosed, locked bulletin board will be placed at the entrance to Antietam Meadow Park. It will contain an annotated map of the park with a list of the names of the people being honored, the location of the trees, species, and the date each tree was planted.

Washington Township and the Antietam Watershed Association welcome your donation, and we look forward to working with you to select and plant the tree of your choice.

Antietam Meadow Park Committee
Washington Township

Post Office Box 331
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania 17268

Click here to read the Tree Planting AgreementTree Planting List