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13013 Welty Rd, Waynesboro, PA 17268

Phone: (717) 762-3128

Fax: (717) 762-1775

Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 4:30 pm



Beartown Rd. – CLOSED TODAY 8/24/16

PennDOT will be working today on Beartown Rd. and it will be CLOSED today.

It will reopen for access tomorrow.

Parks Maintenance Position – Seasonal

SEASONAL – Part-time Position

Washington Township has an immediate opening for a Parks Maintenance position. This position is 40 hours per week in the summer season and 25 hours per week in the winter season. This part-time position pays $11.22/hour to start.

Please click here for an application.

Please email the completed application to the Township Manager at MAC@washtwp-franklin.org  OR  drop/send your completed application to the Township office – located at 13013 Welty Road, Waynesboro PA 17268.


UPDATE – Electronics Recycling Program

2016 RECYCLE logo w-world-no bkgrnd2016 Recycle Logo - no bkgrndWashington Township is opening the Electronics Recycling Program to include residents from outside of Washington Township.  The rate is $0.45 per pound with a $25 minimum per trip.  The amount of electronics per trip are not limited.  All units will be weighed for cost.  We will take electronics on TUESDAYS and WEDNESDAYS from 8 AM until 4 PM

Rear-Facing Car Seats – New Law in Effect

2016-08 Rear Car SeatRear Facing Cars Seats for Toddlers.
PA law has changed – effective August 12, 2016, children two years or younger must use rear-facing car seats.

Studies found children younger than 2 are 75% less likely to be killed or injured in a car crash if they’re in a rear-facing car seat.

Please click here to read the article in its entirety!

Construction DELAYS – Washington Twp. Blvd.

2016-08-12_WTB & CCRdStarting – FRIDAY, AUGUST 12th –
Washington Township Crews will be
working at the intersection of the
Washington Township Boulevard &
Country Club Rd. preparing the intersection
for paving. 

The Township asks motorists to use CAUTION on
Country Club Rd. during this time.

Washington Township Blvd. – Update

Pictures of Washington Township Boulevard construction on Monday, August 8th.

2016-08-08_WTB progress

Washington Township Blvd. looking east towards Spring Run.

2016-08-08_WTB Sam_rock

Sam Poper – removing a rock.

2016-08-08_WTB_walkway rolling

Rolling the walkway.

2016-08-08_Curt_walkway rolling

Curt Lowe – rolling the walkway.

2016-08-12_WTB Rndabt

Thursday, August 11th – Washington Township Blvd. roundabout.

DCNR Sec. Dunn visits the Battlefield Park

On July 12, 2016 DCNR Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn
visits the Museum at the Battle of Monterey Pass.

2016-07 Sec DUNN from DCNR

L to R:
Janet Pollard – Franklin County Visitors Center,
John Miller – Township Historian,
Jeff Geesaman – Township Asst. Manager,
Cindy Adams Dunn – Secretary – DCNR,
Michael Christopher – Township Manager,
Stewart McCleaf – Chairman Board of Supervisors,
Elaine Gladhill – Board of Supervisors and
Michael Eschenman – DCNR.
Not shown in the picture is Katie Hess, Dir. of South Mtn. Partnership.

Secretary Dunn visited the Battle of Monterey Pass Park & Museum as part of a tour of the South Mountain Landscape sponsored by the South Mountain Partnership Organization.

DCNR Sec. Dunn visits Happels Meadow Trails

2016-07-12 Sec Dunn Happels MeadowOn July 12, 2016 DCNR Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn
visits the Happel’s Meadow wetland trails
in Blue Ridge Summit.





L to R: Cindy Adams Dunn – Secretary of DCNR and Michael Christopher – Township Manager

Beginning July 28 – August 10

NOTICE: The Waynesboro Boro Authority, over the next two weeks, will be flow testing and flushing fire hydrants on their system in the Township from 11PM to 2AM. If you see water on the streets or observe testing please do not be alarmed.

If you have any questions, please call WAYNESBORO BORO HALL at 717-762-2101.

Outstanding Officer Award

Aggressive Driving Outstanding Officer Award
Presented July 27, 2016

2016-07-27 Mario Angelini-Agg Driv Awd

L to R: Front Row – Stewart McCleaf, Deputy Mario Angelini, Nancy Bull. Back Row – Chief Barry Keller, Edward Boothman, and Bill Conrad

A Certificate was presented to former Washington Township Police Officer Mario Angelini by Edward Boothman of the PA Aggressive Driving Enforcement & Education Program recognizing his outstanding work with the Aggressive Driving program last year.

Officer Angelini was the only Police Officer in Franklin County to receive this outstanding award for year 2015.

Congratulations to Deputy Angelini and the Washington Township Police Department.

West Nile Virus – Important Information


West Nile Virus specimen traps.

The public can help the program by reducing any mosquito habitat on their property. More information regarding the DEP WNV program can be found on the website:  westnile.state.pa.us.

Don’t invite mosquitoes to your backyard; remove standing water from your property. Dump water from buckets, flower pots, kiddie pools, old tires, tarps, recycling containers, planters and trash cans, and other containers. Clean gutters, storm drains and window wells. Dump birdbaths daily. Even one cup of water in one of these containers can breed thousands of mosquitoes. Ornamental ponds, rain barrels, ditches and areas where standing water can’t be removed can be treated with Bti, a naturally occurring bacterium that kills the mosquito larvae. The larvae of mosquitoes live in stagnant water and feed on organic debris. The best defense to prevent mosquito borne illness is to not attract them. Many mosquitoes are not strong flyers and stay within a few hundred yards of their breeding container.

Don’t invite mosquitoes into your house. Make sure that all door and window screens are in good repair. Mosquitoes also need an area to rest and will congregate in overgrown vegetation. Many homeowners use corrugated drain pipe attached to downspouts to move storm water from their homes.  The corrugations hold water and are a breeding spot for mosquitoes. To avoid this problem use smooth drain pipe, or cover the ends of the corrugated pipe with a fine mesh material such as pantyhose. This will keep female mosquitoes from entry. 

Clothing and gear can also be treated with Permethrin. The treatment is only applied to the gear and never to skin. Follow the package directions and the protection should last through multiple washing’s. This spray can be found in the outdoor, camping, or hunting department of many stores. One bottle will treat many items of gear. This product is also effective in repelling ticks. 

Click here to read the entire West Nile Virus article. This has more information about mosquitoes and what you can do to prevent them in and around your home and what the DEP is doing with the testing in Franklin County.

DEP Presentation

Click here to see the DEP Public Hearing presentation on June 14, 2016
regarding the Waynesboro TCE Site in Washington Township.

Electronic Recycling – UPDATE

EFFECTIVE  06-01-2016

Washington Township will start
LIMITED Electronic Recycling – JUNE 1, 2016

You must be a Washington Township RESIDENT
with PROPER IDENTIFICATION and accompany your recyclable device.
¢ / lb. for Electronic Recycling ~ Minimum charge of $25.00
Electronic Devices accepted on WEDNESDAYS from 8 am – 4:15 pm.

All electronic devices must be recycled and can not be disposed of in any other manner.
Transfer Station / Recycling Center only accept CASH or CHECKS.

American Legion Donation to Township & RBA

Waynesboro American Legion Donates $750
with $500 going to Washington Township to help with the efforts to finish the 9/11 Tribute paving
and $250 to Rouzerville Business Assoc. to help fund the Pine Hill 5K.

2016-05-02 Donation








Left to Right: Supervisor’s Stewart McCleaf, Chad Reichard, William Conrad, Elaine Gladhill, Barbara McCracken and Tim Berklite, Commander of the Waynesboro American Legion.