Washington Township - 1779
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13013 Welty Rd, Waynesboro, PA 17268

Phone: (717) 762-3128

Fax: (717) 788-0372

Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 4:30 pm



Washington Township is accepting Credit Card Payments

A service fee of 2.65% or $3.00 minimum will be charged.


Reservations for Park Pavilions – March 1, 2021

The Washington Township Supervisor’s Office will start taking reservations at 8:00 am on Monday, March 1, 2021. Please understand that the process has changed and we really appreciate your patience. 

We are welcoming you to come to the office in person to make your reservation, call into the office to make your reservation, drop your reservation in the drop box or mail in your reservation. 

When coming to the office on Monday morning, please come to the main building to receive a number. You will be able to wait in the meeting room, where you can fill out your reservation form and look over any other information available about our parks. We ask that you please remain there  until we call your number. Once your number is called, you will come into the lobby of the office, check the availability and pay for your reservation at that time. Please remember it is a first come first serve basis and no reservation is final until it is paid for in full.

We do accept various forms of payment, including cash, checks and credit cards. Please be aware that if you are choosing to use a credit card that there will be a 2.65% or $3 fee, which ever is greater.


Franklin County Conservation District – CEG Applications

Recognition at Washington Township Supervisor’s Meeting

WTPD and Washington Township Supervisors recognized
2 new corporals at their meeting on January 18, 2021.
Listed left to right are Washington Township Supervisor Chairman Charlie Strausbaugh,

Corporal Jason Wolfgang, Chief Michael McGovern, Corporal Christopher Krause,
Washington Township Supervisor Barbara McCracken

Washington Township is Hiring Full-Time & Part-Time

The Institute Installs Story Walk @ Pine Hill

Supervisor Meetings Can Be Accessed By Zoom

********* As of December 7, 2020 you are able to join Washington Township Supervisors Regular Meetings, Workshop Meetings and Planning Commitee Meetings by ZOOM. If you are interested in joining any of these meetings, please contact Jeffery Geesaman by emailing ********* jbg@washtwp-franklin.org for all the log-in information.

New Schedule for Reservations 2021

Washington Township usually rents the Red Run, Pine Hill and Monterey park pavilions and the Rouzerville Community Center the first weekday after New Year’s Day. This year, going into 2021, Washington Township has decided to make a change due to COVID-19 and its restrictions along with many other issues associated with it this past year.

For 2021, reservations for the park pavilions only, will be taken starting on March 1,2021. We will however begin taking reservations either by phone, email or drop box for the Rouzerville Community Center starting on January 4, 2021. Please remember that all DOH and CDC guidelines are to be followed . If you have any questions, please call the office at 717-762-3128

Proposed Future Building

A page was created for all the new developments for the possible future place of the Washington Township Supervisor’s Office and Washington Township Police Department. Please keep checking back to get up to date information on the progress.  

Click here to go directly to the page or 
click on the blue tab to the left

Recycling Update for 2021

Changes in the “Single Stream” Recycling

The Single Stream Recycling is only available on
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 

As of January 2nd, 2021 the Single Stream Recycling consists of the following:

  1. NO Single Stream Recyclables will be accepted from anyone except a resident of Washington Township.  Proof of residency consists of a valid PA driver’s license or PA Photo ID Card and valid vehicle registration. The vehicle must be registered to an address in Washington Township.
  2. Vehicles used for dropping off recyclables must display a Washington Township issued sticker. This can be purchased annually from the Township for $20 each and must be permanently attached to the vehicle.

The “Single Stream” Recycling is only available for residential recycling.  Cardboard, scrap metal and leaves will still be accepted from everyone on any given day of operation.
NO CHANGES will be made to recycle items which we charge a fee for; such as brush, batteries, grass and tires.  These alterations are being made to try to control the cost of the ever changing Recycling Operation and will continue to allow Washington Township to offer this program to our residents.

Washington Township Park Information

Red Run Park Miniature Train 
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to drive the train.

The Township is still in need of volunteer train engineers and conductors to keep the Red Run Express running on weekends at Red Run Park. The Township will assist and pay for your child abuse history clearance and criminal record check.     

If you are interested in making young folks happy by providing free train rides for them, please contact Vern Ashway at the Township office at 717-762-3128. The Township will provide the needed training to operate the train.

Fire Police Needed

 Blue Ridge Fire and Rescue are in need of Fire Police. Anyone interested in becoming a Fire Police man or woman, Please contact the Blue Ridge Fire Department by visiting our Website, or calling the station at 717-794-2323

Watch the Blue Ridge Fire Department website for more information on public meetings to address any questions you may have.