Washington Township - 1779
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11798 Buchanan Trail E., Waynesboro, PA 17268

Phone: (717) 762-3128

Fax: (717) 788-0372

Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 4:30 pm



Washington Township accepts Cash, Check, & Credit Cards

A service fee of 2.65% or $3.00 minimum
when using a credit card

Road Paving

Washington Township will be paving roads in the Township. 

The roads listed to be paved this week are Cross St. and West Ave. The citizens that live on these roads have already been notified. 

If possible, please avoid using these roads. Otherwise, please use caution. Drive slowly to avoid damage to the road and your vehicle.




All open burning is banned in Washington Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania effective 12:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 25, 2024 as per Chapter 128, Code of the Township of Washington, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

Washington Township Board of Supervisors
Vernon Ashway
Township Manager

“During periods when the open burning ban is in effect, no person shall start or maintain an open fire for any purpose without the approval of the Township. Approval of the Township may be obtained by written application to the Township setting forth what is to be burned, the location of the proposed open burning, safeguards to insure that the burning will be properly contained and the availability of usable water supply in the vicinity of the burn to terminate the burn and to prevent its unintended spread. In the event permission is granted in response to any such application, the applicant shall be solely responsible for any damage that might be caused as a result of the burning activity.”

Chapter 128 – 5 of the Township Code


Federal Transparency in Coverage Rule

The Transparency in Coverage Rule issued by the federal government requires health insurers and group health plans to provide detailed pricing data for all covered items and services to the public in the form of Machine Readable Files (MRFs). CBC will make this information available through this link: https://capitalbluecross.healthsparq.com/healthsparq/public/#/one/insurerCode=CAPBC_I&brandCode=CAPBC.