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This program is an incentive program where commercial and industrial sites can be improved without having to pay the full tax increase from these improvements for up to a 10 year period. It’s the hope of the Township that this program will help generate new commerce and industrial growth that will create new jobs for our residents.

How does the program work? Any commercially or industrially zoned properties that are either in a deteriorated or underutilized state may enter into the program. Once placed into the program by the Township any tax assessment increase to the property as a result of the improvement will be eligible for the abatement program over the next 10 years. No new taxes will be paid during the first year and taxes on the new improvement will increase at a 10% rate thereafter until reaching 100% 10 years later.

Eight areas of the Township are being considered for this program. The areas are the Wharf Road and Zullinger industrial parks, commercial property just west of Waynesboro along the south side of Rt. 16, the Wayne Heights Mall area, the industrial area on Midvale Rd., Rouzerville along both sides of Rt. 16, the vacant land to the east and north of Wal-Mart, the south side of Rt. 16 in Blue Ridge Summit and the NBN property.

The Washington Township Supervisors will hold a Public Hearing on LERTA on Monday, March 18, 2013 starting at 8:00 PM at the Township Meeting room at 13013 Welty Rd. to take comments, answer questions and act on the proposed resolution.

If you have any questions, please contact Vernon Ashway at the Township office at 762-3128. Click here for a copy of the ad, Resolution and maps.