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Building Inspections

A recent Pennsylvania court decision has required the Township to adopt alternative building inspection procedures to allow any building trade inspector registered in Pennsylvania to inspect construction in the Township. Previously, Commonwealth Code Inspection Service, Inc. (CCIS) was the exclusive building inspector in the Township.

What Has NOT Changed.

CCIS will continue to be the exclusive Township Building Code Administrator that will issue building permits, review and approve construction drawings, and issue occupancy permits. CCIS will continue to be available to inspect Township construction in all building trades. An additional function has been added to the CCIS work requirements is that audits can be conducted on any building trades inspections performed by inspectors other than CCIS.

What Has Changed.

The builder, whether the building owner or a building contractor, may select ANY inspector registered with the State of Pennsylvania to inspect and approve construction work. Inspections by other than CCIS inspectors is subject to audit to ensure that occupancy permits issued by CCIS meet all Township requirements.

If you have any questions on the building permit and inspection process contact the Township Code Enforcement Officer (717-762-3128) or CCIS (717-262-0081).

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