Washington Township - 1779
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Township Taxes and Regulations

The major ordinances on zoning and subdivision each have their own web page. This page will be the access point for all the tax and municipal regulating ordinances except parks and recreation. The ordinances published here are for information only. Official and record copies are located at the township office. Thanks for visiting our site!

Ordinance 22 Impose Earned Income Tax
Ordinance 24 Amend Earned Income Tax Ordinance 22
Ordinance 210 Amend Earned Income Tax Ordinance 22
Ordinance 23 Impose Real Estate Transfer Excise Tax
Ordinance 25 Re-enact Real Estate Transfer Excise Tax Ordinance 23
Ordinance 102 Impose Real Estate Transfer Tax
Ordinance 64 Establish Occupation Tax
Ordinance 100 Impose Per Capita Tax

Ordinance 186 Impact Fee Establishment
Ordinance 31 Establish Children Curfew and Penalty Ordinance
Ordinance 33 Establish Junk and Salvage Yard Regulations
Ordinance 34 Establish Automobile Trailer and Mobile Home Regulations
Ordinance 43 Establish Transient Retail Business Regulations
Ordinance 52 Establish Outdoor Amusements Regulations and Licensing
Ordinance 66 Prohibit Unlawful Use of Public and Private Property
Ordinance 88 Repeals and Replaces Unlawful Uses of Public and Private Property Ordinance 66
Ordinance 98 Cat and Dog Nuisances
Ordinance 103 Establish Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue Operating Regulations
Ordinance 108 Regulate Junk Yards, Junk Dealers and Scrap Yards
Ordinance 138 Civil Enforcement Procedure for Ordinances
Ordinance 141 Civil Enforcement Procedure Amendment
Ordinance 142 Civil Enforcement Fee Schedule
Ordinance 159 Open Burning Ban During Dry Weather
Ordinance 187 Recyclable Material Burn Ban
Ordinance 215 Waste Collection