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Water and Sewer

The major ordinances on zoning and subdivision each have their own web page. This page will be the access point for all access to the water, sewer and Washington Township Municipal Authority (WTMA) ordinances. The ordinances published here are for information only. Official and record copies are located at the township office. Thanks for visiting our site!

Ordinance 38 WTMA Agreement to Provide Sewage Service
Ordinance 42 WTMA Authorization to Construct and Operate a Water System
Ordinance 48 Acquire Monterey-Blue Ridge and Rouzerville Water Supply Companies
Ordinance 53 Advance WTMA Funds for Sewer Rights of Way
Ordinance 59 WTMA Sewage Property Acquisition
Ordinance 76 Amend WTMA Articles of Incorporation
Ordinance 77 WTMA Agreement to Construct Improvements

Ordinance 55 Waynesboro Borough Authority/Washington Township Municipal Authority Sewage Transportation Agreement
Ordinance 58 WTMA Bank Loan Termination Agreement

Ordinance 54 Water and Sewer Connection Regulations
Ordinance 128 Amend Ordinance 54 – Water and Sewer Regulations

Ordinance 176 WTMA Water Connection Requirements

Ordinance 45 Establish Sewage Holding Tank Regulations
Ordinance 95 Sewage System Permit Regulations
Ordinance 114 Use and Maintenance of Holding Tanks

Ordinance 145 Septic Tank Pumping Regulations
Ordinance 150 Well Installation Minimum Standards