Washington Township - 1779
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13013 Welty Rd, Waynesboro, PA 17268

Phone: (717) 762-3128

Fax: (717) 788-0372

Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 4:30 pm


Resolutions 1 – 100

Resolution 100   Afford certain employees to attend Allentown Police Academy
Resolution 99     Compensation for Municipal Authority Board
Resolution 98     Fixing Compensation or Salary of Township Manager for 1985 Orlando, Orchard Ln.
Resolution 97     Building and Zoning Permit Fees
Resolution 96     Rate of Taxation for 1985 – 4 mills
Resolution 95     Accepting Resignation of Luther Martin
Resolution 94     Dedication of certain roads: Woodring Lane
Resolution 93     Dedication of roads: Thames Ln. & Ct., Village Heights, Hesshire Hill Ct, Ivanhoe,
Resolution 92     Elimin. Member Contrib. to Police Pension Fund for years 1982, 1983 and 1984
Resolution 91     Support Proposal for Gannett Foundation
Resolution 90     Estab. procedures for Sale of Surplus Property
Resolution 89     Amending Sewage Fees
Resolution 88     Rate of Taxation for 1984 – 4 mills
Resolution 87     Fixing Compensation or Salary of Township Manager for 1984
Resolution 86     Fixing Compensation or Salary of Township Manager for 1983
Resolution 85     Dedication of certain roads: Village Heights Drive
Resolution 84     Rate of millage for 1983 set at 4 mills
Resolution 83     Police Department Rules and Regulations
Resolution 82     Procedure with water system improvements
Resolution 81     Roadway permits restoration regulations
Resolution 80     Animals at Red Run Park
Resolution 79     Building Permit Fees
Resolution 78     Local Government Day
Resolution 77     Police Towing policy – revised
Resolution 76     Retirement of Richard O. Fox
Resolution 75     Agendas in advance of Regular Meetings
Resolution 74     Fixing Compensation or Salary of the Township Manager
Resolution 73     Rate of taxation – 4 mills – 1982
Resolution 72     Retirement of Melvin T. Sease
Resolution 71     Retirement of David L. George
Resolution 70     Amending Sewage Fees
Resolution 69     Amending Fee Schedule Ordinance 46
Resolution 68     Designate Sunday preced. Labor Day as Annual Wash.Twp. Picnic Day @ Red Run Pk
Resolution 67     Accepting Resignation of Merle C. Eigenbrode
Resolution 66.1  Dedication of certain roads: Buena Vista Drive
Resolution 66     Hold Harmless Members of the Recreation Committee
Resolution 65     Rate of Compensation for Tax Collector 1982-1985 4.5%
Resolution 64     Rate of Taxation 4 mills – 1981
Resolution 63     Expenses – Reimbursement for Planning Commission Board
Resolution 62     Fees for Sewage Enforcement Officer Amended
Resolution 61     Compensation for Zoning Hearing Board Members
Resolution 60     Fixing Compensation and Salary for Township Manager
Resolution 59     Compensation for Municipal Authority Members
Resolution 58     Deed accepting Buena Vista Drive
Resolution 57     Towing Policy and Application
Resolution 56     Dedication of Windmere Circle and Dellwood Drive
Resolution 55     Building Permit Fees
Resolution 54     Hold Harmless – Recreation Commission
Resolution 53     Zullinger Water Grant Money Request
Resolution 52     Reserve funding of Police Pension Fund
Resolution 51     Set Police Pension contribution by officers
Resolution 50     Dedication of Kipe Drive
Resolution 49     Fixing rate of Compensation for Manager for 1980
Resolution 48     Fixing Rate of taxation for Township – 1980
Resolution 47     Additional compensation for Manager
Resolution 46    Establishing a mileage fee
Resolution 45     Dedication of roads: Peaceful Oaks, MarPen, Summit & Woodlea Dr., Crestwood Cir.
Resolution 44     Dedication of certain roads in the Northwood Development
Resolution 43     Dedication of roads in Hillandale Subdivision
Resolution 42     Posting of Building Permits
Resolution 41     Fixing Compensation of Township Manager – 1979
Resolution 40     Fixing Rate of Taxation of Township for General Taxation Purposes
Resolution 39     Dedication of roads: Orchard Ln., N. Oller, Laurel, Briar Ridge, Buena Vista, Gardner N.
                             Valley, Sunrise, East, South and Maryland Ave.
Resolution 38     Dedication of roads: Edgewood Drive
Resolution 37     Dedication of roads: Blue Ridge Ct., and Bayer Dr.
Resolution 36     Dedication of roads: Thames, Oxford Cir., Westminister, & Sheffield Manor Blvd.
Resolution 35     Fixing Compensation of Township Manager for 1979
Resolution 34     Fixing Rate of Taxation of Township for General Township Purposes – 1978
Resolution 33     Fixing Compensation of Township Manager for 1978
Resolution 32     Schedule of Fees – Individual Sewage Systems
Resolution 31     Fixing Compensation of Township Manager
Resolution 30    WTMA to act as its own Agent per Ordinance No. 54
Resolution 29     Fixing Rate of Taxation for 1977
Resolution 28     Fixing Compensation of Tax Collector
Resolution 27     Recurring threat of Flooding of Antietam Creek and need for program of Insurance
Resolution 26     WTMA to undertake the design and implement. Sewage System in Township
Resolution 25     Firemen of Blue Ridge Vol. Fire Co. to part. in act. covered by Workers Comp.
Resolution 24     Dedication of certain land offered for use as walkways in Township
Resolution 23     Exoneration of certain seated land taxes on properties situate in Township
Resolution 22     Accepting dedication of Certain Lands offered for use as Roadways in Township
Resolution 21     Use of holding tanks in lieu of Treatment tanks
Resolution 20     Township to participate in the Pavement Marking Demo Program
Resolution 19     Township to participate in the Pavement Marking Demo Program
Resolution 18     WTMA Authority and Franchise to construct and operate a water supply & dist syst.
Resolution 17     Township Engineer to issue applic. & permits under Township Ordinance No. 46
Resolution 16     Authorization to participate in Coop. Purch. w/the Property & Supplies of PA
Resolution 15     Township Engineer to issue applic. & permits under Township Ordinance 
                             No. 46
Resolution 14     WTMA Authority & Franchise to construct/operate a water supply & 
                             distribution sys.
Resolution 13     Designate proper individuals to sign checks on behalf of the Township
Resolution 12     Designate Agent in obtaining Federal Assistance for Flood Damage
Resolution 11     Franklin County Solid Waste Management Plan
Resolution 10     Necessary and Advisable for the orderly conducting of the Regular Meeting
Resolution 9      Requirements and Regulations of Washington Township Police Department
Resolution 8      Not to enter upon Private Property for constructing or repairs on drains, etc.
Resolution 7      Employment Policy
Resolution 6      Comprehensive Plan
Resolution 5      Borrow $10,000
Resolution 4      Supplemental Benefits
Resolution 3      Layout and Accept Proffered Deed for Public Road
Resolution 2      Express Opposition to Local Tax Enabling Act
Resolution 1       Inspect and Assess Property