Washington Township - 1779
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13013 Welty Rd, Waynesboro, PA 17268

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Resolutions 401 – 500

Resolution 500   Revising Resolutions 176, 227, and 456
Resolution 499   Amending Joint Comprehensive Plan
Resolution 498   Christopher A. Firme
Resolution 497   Robert W. Gillard
Resolution 496   Establishing the Employee Benefit Police
Resolution 495   A revised schedule of fees for the Administration
Resolution 494   Fixing the rate of Taxation upon Real Property
Resolution 493   Fixing the Salary or Compensation of Township Manager
Resolution 492   Permit. Township to purchase Rec. Equip. for Zullinger Community Center
Resolution 491   Accepting for Dedication of Roads in Township
Resolution 490   Accepting for Dedication of Roads in Township
Resolution 489   Renewing & Updating the Townships Agricultural Security Area
Resolution 488   Elim. Member Contr. to Police Pension Fund for years 2007 and 2008
Resolution 487   Appoint Tax Collection Com. Del. & Alter. to rep. Wash. Twshp on FC EIT Com.
Resolution 486   Act 537-Adopt Official Sewage Facility Plan
Resolution 485   Updating Emergency Operations Plan for Washington Township
Resolution 484   Authorizing Signature on Highway Safety DUI grants
Resolution 483   DOT Grants-Liquid Fuels Form Agreement
Resolution 482   Identity Theft Protection Program
Resolution 481   Joint Comprehensive Plan
Resolution 480   Adopt-a-Road Program
Resolution 479   Road Dedications
Resolution 478   Donald Zody Rezoning
Resolution 477   Jeffrey B. Geesaman
Resolution 476   Robert K. Peiffer
Resolution 475   Employee Benefit Policy
Resolution 474   Revised Schedule of Fees
Resolution 473   Rate of Taxation
Resolution 472   Fixing Salary for Township Manager
Resolution 471   Right to Know Policy
Resolution 470   Approving Rezoning of Mummert Property
Resolution 469   Establishing Rules and Regulations for Conduct in and the use of Pine Hill
Resolution 468   Approving the Amendment to the Transportation Capital Improvement
Resolution 467   Authorizing Signatures 2008/2009 Highway Safety DUI Grant
Resolution 466   Land Development Plan for Jerzy Kornilow
Resolution 465   Pine Hill Updated Rules and Regulations
Resolution 464   Baileys Run Recreational Area Rules and Regulations
Resolution 463   Renewing and Updating Ag Security Area
Resolution 462   Fee Schedule Amendment
Resolution 461   Recreation Funding for Zullinger Community Center
Resolution 460   Eliminate Member Contributions Police Pension Plan
Resolution 459   Warren E. Tomlinson Acknowledge Years of Service
Resolution 458   C. Stewart McCleaf Acknowledge Years of Service
Resolution 457   Paul G. Benchoff Acknowledge Years of Service
Resolution 456   Happel’s Meadow Wetland Committee Revisions
Resolution 455   Police Officer Training
Resolution 454   Employee Benefit Policy for 2008
Resolution 453   Fee Schedule
Resolution 452   Taxation Rate
Resolution 451   Township Manager Compensation
Resolution 450   Glen Oak Development
Resolution 449   Formula for Funding Distribution Vol. Fire Relief
Resolution 448   Authorization to Sign Farm Service
Resolution 447   Update Ag Security Area
Resolution 446   Amend Schedule of Fees
Resolution 445   Highway Safety DUI Grant Request
Resolution 444   Pheasant Run Final Approval
Resolution 443   Township Fee Schedule
Resolution 442   Hurd Property Nuisance
Resolution 441   Amend Employee Benefit Policy
Resolution 440   Teeter Eminent Domain
Resolution 439   Police Towing Policy
Resolution 438   Grant Application – Antietam Meadow Park Plan
Resolution 437   Set Township Manager Revised Salary for 2007
Resolution 436   Rezone – Comprehensive Plan – Knepper – R1 and R2 to C
Resolution 435   PennDOT Application for Traffic Light at Oller Avenue
Resolution 434   Recognize Washington Township Service of Ezra Fitz
Resolution 433   Establish Township Employee Benefit Policy
Resolution 432   Set Township Fee Schedule for 2007
Resolution 431   Set Township Property Tax Rate at 4.4 mils for 2007
Resolution 430   Set Township Manager Salary for 2007
Resolution 429   Washington Township Boulevard Dedication
Resolution 428   Rezone – Comprehensive Plan – B2M2 – C to R2
Resolution 427   NIMS Adopted and Training Completed
Resolution 426   Antietam Meadow Park Regulations
Resolution 425   Thornhill Development Phase One Final Approval
Resolution 424   Roadway Dedication – Mar Way Lane and Washington Township Boulevard
Resolution 423   DCNR Grant Signature Authorization
Resolution 422   Farmland Preservation – Richard Scott Farm
Resolution 421   Farmland Preservation
Resolution 420   Eminent Domain – Harold & Eileen Strite
Resolution 419   Disaster Relief Request Signature Authorization
Resolution 418   Grant Application Signature Authorization
Resolution 417   Avalon Development
Resolution 416    Emergency Operations Plan
Resolution 415    Authority to obtain land for WT Boulevard – Bruce & Warren, L.P.
Resolution 414    Varounis, Hess Rezone R-2 to Agriculture
Resolution 413    Authority to obtain land for WT Boulevard – David & Barbara Layman
Resolution 412    Transfer SR2044 to WT Supervisors
Resolution 411    LLT Partners rezoning
Resolution 410    Authority to sign HOP Condition Statement
Resolution 409    Planning Commission compensation change
Resolution 408    Fees for Ordinances and services
Resolution 407    ECHO Development – WTB dedication
Resolution 406    Employee Benefits – 2006
Resolution 405    Fee schedule – 2006
Resolution 404    Set Township Tax Rate at 4.4 mils
Resolution 403    Set compensation  for Township Manager Salary for year 2006
Resolution 402    Police Pension Plan
Resolution 401    Rezone – Comprehensive Plan – Harold Strite – R1 to C