Washington Township - 1779
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13013 Welty Rd, Waynesboro, PA 17268

Phone: (717) 762-3128

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Resolutions 201 – 300

Resolution 300   Amend the Township Employee Benefit Policy
Resolution 299   Township Tax Collector Comp. for Collection of the Township Real Estate Tax
Resolution 298   Revise the Washington Township Police Department Rules and Regulations
Resolution 297   Authorize the Chairman and Secretary to Sign DCNR Grant Agreement BRC-PRT-6-14
Resolution 296   Authorize the Manager to Apply for DCNR Funding for Park Improvements
Resolution 295   Authorize the Manager to Apply for DCNR Funding for Park Improvements
Resolution 294   Accept Dedication for Roadways in the Township
Resolution 293   Authorize Paul Benchoff to sign Agreement
Resolution 292   Waynesboro Market Place Highway Occupancy Permit 
Resolution 291   Authorize the Chairman and Secretary to Sign the DUI Grant Application
Resolution 290   Eliminate Member Contributions to Police Pension Fund
Resolution 289   Schedule of fees for the admin. of zoning, subdivision, well and PA sewage Act.
Resolution 288   Employee Benefit Policy as of January 17, 2000
Resolution 287   Rules, regs. & training standards established by the Municipal Police Officers
Resolution 286   Application for a PA Conservation Corp Grant at the Pine Hill Recreational Park
Resolution 285   2000 Employee Benefit Policy as of January 4, 2000
Resolution 284   Schedule fees for Admin. of Zoning Ordinances, Subdivision Land Dev., etc.
Resolution 283   2000 Rate of Taxation on real property in the Township
Resolution 282   2000 – Managers salary or compensation for Township Manager
Resolution 281   Accepting for dedication certain roads for use as roadways – Durham Circle
Resolution 280   2000 Census complete count committee for the Township
Resolution 279   Authorize the Grant application for the Pine Hill Trail System Project
Resolution 278   Resolution closing out Keystone PITA Grant Project (Key-tag 3-228)
Resolution 277   DOT and Mun. agree to transfer State to Municipal control of portion of S.R. 2017
Resolution 276   Twshp to participate in “Local Public Procure. Unit Prog.” by PA Dept. of Gen. Svcs
Resolution 275   Revise the Rules and Regulations for conduct in the use of Red Run Park
Resolution 274   Authorize the Chairman of the Board to sign the Grant – Breath Test Device
Resolution 273   Board assign and transfer of cable TV franchise RayStay to Suburban Cable
Resolution 272   Authorize the Chairman of the Board to sign the DUI Grant
Resolution 271   Amend sections 203 & 207 of Township Police Dept. Rules & Regulations
Resolution 270   Rules and Regulations for Administration of the Local Tax Payers Bill of Rights
Resolution 269   1999 Adoption of Washington Township Comprehensive Plan Update
Resolution 268   Fees for services of the Wash. Twp. Tax Collection for services not mandated
Resolution 267   1999 Employee Benefit Policy
Resolution 266   Fees for admin. of Zoning ordinance, subdivision, & PA’s sewage facilities Act.
Resolution 265   1999 Rate of Taxation within the Township
Resolution 264   Fireman Relief Assoc. funds received from the Commonwealth of PA as per Act 205
Resolution 264A  1999 Fixing the salary Township Manager
Resolution 263   Dedication of roads: Susquehanna Ave. and Delaware  and Stonecrest Circles
Resolution 262   Req. Infrastructure development grant funding from Community & Econ. Dev.
Resolution 261   Dedic. of roads: Redbud Ct., Buckingham, Weatherstone & Rinehart Drs., Kinds Rd.,
Resolution 260   1998 June - Updating Emergency Operation Plan
Resolution 259   Est. rules & regs. for conduct in & use of “Red Run Park” & other parks
Resolution 258   Township supporting passage of the Lawsuit Abuse Reform Act.
Resolution 257   Rule and Regulations governing the procedure for pumping of septic tanks
Resolution 256   Chairman to sign application for DUI Grant and Highway Safety Grant
Resolution 255   Auth. Board to sign maint. agree. w/PennDOT for lights at Old Forge/Midvale Rd.
Resolution 254   Eliminating member contributions to Police Pension Fund for year 1997
Resolution 253   Establishing revised schedule of fees
Resolution 252   Rate of taxation upon real property for general Township purposes
Resolution 251   1998 Township Manager salary or compensation
Resolution 250   Authorizing Township Manager to sign grant
Resolution 249   Establishing rules and Regs. for conduct in and use of Pine Hill Recreational Area
Resolution 248   Fixing compensation of Tax Collector for collection of real estate taxes
Resolution 247   Township Police Department  make warrant-less arrests per Act 25 of 1995
Resolution 246   Policy for disposal of abandoned/unclaimed bikes by Township Police 
Resolution 245   Washington Township Police Department Rules and Regulations
Resolution 244   Recognition of Dennis Votral for many years of service
Resolution 243   Revised schedule of fees
Resolution 242   Fixing rate of taxation upon real property for general township purposes
Resolution 241   Board of Supervisors fix salary or compensation for office of Township Manager
Resolution 240   Washington Township to apply for grant under PA Recreational Trails Program
Resolution 239   Community Grant Program for Pine Hill Regional Recreational Park
Resolution 238   Enroll Township as a member of “Keystone Municipal Insurance Trust”
Resolution 237   1996 Eliminate Member contributions to Police Pension Fund for year 1996
Resolution 236  Rule and Regulations of Red Run Park
Resolution 235   Township Manager authorized to sign attached grant
Resolution 234   Building and Zoning Permit Fees
Resolution 233   Rate of taxation on real property in the Township for General Township purposes
Resolution 232   Fixing Salary or Compensation for Office of Township Manager
Resolution 231   Drug and Alcohol Personnel Policy
Resolution 230   Continue employment of Court-appointed Accounting Firm for fiscal year 1995
Resolution 229   Ded. of lands for roads: Weatherstone, Iroquois Trail, Lenape Ln., Susquehanna
Resolution 228   Eliminate member contributions to Police Pension Fund for year 1995
Resolution 227   Revise Res. #176 - establish Happel’s Meadow Advisory Comm.
Resolution 226   Auth. an App. for funds w/the Dept. of Comm. Affairs of PA
Resolution 225   PA Drug Reduction Property Program
Resolution 224   Rescind the WTMA’s conditional use application CU94-02
Resolution 223   PA General Assembly to repeal prevailing wage act
Resolution 222   Sign DUI Grant
Resolution 221   Fees for the Admin. of Twshp Zoning Ord., Subdivision Land Development, etc.
Resolution 220   Fixing rate of taxation on real property within the Township
Resolution 219   Fixing Salary or Compensation for Office of Township Manager for 1995
Resolution 218   Chairman and Township Sec. to be authorized to sign grant
Resolution 217   Continuing the Employ. of Court-Appointed Accounting Firm for Fiscal Yr. 1995
Resolution 216   Revis. Resol. #129 and 185, the Twshp. Police Dept. Towing policy
Resolution 215   Accept. Roads: Brookdale Dr., S. Orchard Ln., Rinehart Dr.
Resolution 214   Estab. a procedure for the selection of Engineering Consultants
Resolution 213   Fixing Compensation  for members of the WTMA
Resolution 212   Elim. member contr. to Police Pen. Fund for year 1994
Resolution 211   Schedule of Fees for Admin. of Zoning, Subdivision, Well Const. & Building code, etc.
Resolution 210   Fixing Rate of Taxation on Real Property within the Township
Resolution 209   Fixing Salary or Compensation for the Office of Township Manager
Resolution 208   Establishing the Employee Benefit Policy for the Township
Resolution 207   Establishing a Drug Free Workplace Policy
Resolution 206   Continuing the Employ. of Court Appointed Accounting Firm for Fiscal Year 1994
Resolution 205   Paul G. Benchoff, Chairman, sign Maintenance Agreement
Resolution 204   Rec. Improv. & Rehabil. Act (RIRA) prog. Tech. Assist. Grant Proj. Resol.
Resolution 203   Author. Chairman of Twnshp. and Twnshp. Sec.  to sign Grant
Resolution 202   Dedication of roads: Jacob Mack East & West, Green Ridge Dr. Crofton Cir.
Resolution 201   Est. revised Non-Discrimination Policy Stmt. and a Grievance procedure