Washington Township - 1779
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All Other Ordinances

The major ordinances on zoning and subdivision each have their own web page. This page will be the access point for all the shorter ordinances that are one page to a few pages in length. The ordinances published here are for information only. Official and record copies are located at the township office. Thanks for visiting our site!

Ordinance 11 Authorize Penn Fuel Gas, Inc. to Lay Lines
Ordinance 20 Authorize Telco to Erect Poles and Attach Wires
Ordinance 35 Authorization to Erect Wired Television System
Ordinance 40 Electric Company Public Place Illumination Authorization
Ordinance 26 Establish Planning Commission
Ordinance 157 Planning Commission Compensation
Ordinance 51 Establish Township Manager and Define Powers and Duties
Ordinance 92 Join Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust
Ordinance 103 Establish Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue Operating Regulations
Ordinance 67 Establish and Identify Fire Lanes
Ordinance 109 Township Supervisor Compensation
Ordinance 85 Establish Washington Township Agriculture Area and Adopt Agriculture Area Map
Ordinance 119 Agriculture Security Area
Ordinance 120 Agriculture Security Area
Ordinance 130 Agriculture Security Area
Ordinance 125 Municipal Waste Disposal, Transfer and Recycling
Ordinance 101 Implement Storm Water Management Program
Ordinance 131 Storm Water Management
Ordinance 131 Appendix 1
Ordinance 131 Appendix 2
Ordinance 131 Drainage Map
Ordinance 39 Establish Red Run Park Regulations
Ordinance 50 Amend Red Run Park Regulations Ordinance 39
Ordinance 71 Amend Red Run Park Regulations Ordinance 39
Ordinance 78 Amend Red Run Park Regulations Ordinance 39
Ordinance 123 Purchase Playground Equipment for Zullinger Community Association
Ordinance 124 Debt Authorization to Purchase 140 Acre Tract – Pine Hill Park
Ordinance 133 Sheffield Manor Playground Regulations
Ordinance 135 Red Run Park Regulations
Ordinance 139 Pine Hill Park Regulations
Ordinance 205 Antietam Meadow Park Regulations
Ordinance 213 Bailey Run Recreation Area Regulations
Ordinance 146 Township Supervisor Compensation
Ordinance 156 Delinquent Tax Collector Appointment
Ordinance 159 Open Burning Ban During Dry Weather
Ordinance 174 Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Adoption
Ordinance 179 Establish UCC Board of Appeals
Ordinance 185 Franklin County Council of Governments Membership
Ordinance 187 Recyclable Material Burn Ban
Ordinance 198 PIB Loan