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Two Men Honored at The February 5,2018 Supervisors Meeting

Ordean "Dean" Hebb and Fred Eisenhart where honored at 
the February 5, 2018 Supervisor's Meeting.


     Dean Hebb Served as A member of the Washington Township Train Committee from 1993 – 2017 . During his 24 years of service, he has donated not only the train, but money and time as well. He was also able to solicit monies from the community to help lay track, erect a water tower and and a train tunnel. All of this to provide enjoyment for the public at Red Run Park. The Red Run Express has provided many hours and miles of enjoyment for thousands of riders, mostly for children, for free.



    Fred Eisenhart served as a member of the Washington Township Municipal Authority from 1990 to 1995 and from 2001 to 2017. During this same period the public water and sewer system was upgraded and expanded many times to meet the future needs of the Township. This included construction of a water tank at Pine Hill, a twelve inch water main along the current and future Washington Township Boulevard from Rouzerville to Rt. 997, four new wells, replacement of more than five miles Wastewater Conveyance System Trunk Line, construction of fifty four hundred lineal feet of eight inch Force Main and a new Pump Station in Blue Ridge Summit and the construction of a new Authority’s Office Building. Fred Eisenhart has played an integral part in these upgrades and expansions by providing leadership and insight as the as chairman of the Board from January 2009 until December 2017